Friday, July 1, 2011

The Last Post You'll Ever See

From me, that is. If you're reading this, well, shit has hit the fan, and then someone blew up the fan and set the room it was in on fire.

Of course, I'm not sure anyone aside from maybe Vera will be reading this. And Adrian, of course. And if I'm really lucky, Gabe too, and maybe his brothers. I don't know, I just want to think to myself that they'll at least survive this, and be happy. At the very least, Adrian and Ver have each other, right?

It's probably for the best I handed her over to him, huh? They seemed happy to me, when I saw them.

To my friends, though. Scott, Slice, Lucien, Raz/D, Anon, Stormy[proxied or no], Echo, Holly, Gabe, Adrian, and of course Vera; Thank you. All of you. You've been here through out this giant roller coaster with me. And even though a lot of you are not here to read this now, your friendship, both before and after the Slender Man Chronicle... It means the world to me.

Raz/D and Anon- Thanks, guys. You've always been there. I don't know what I would have done without you those first few months. You were great. Good luck with Susan, Anon, and I'm still deeply sorry about Tikka. Raz/D... Stay safe, both of you, Good Luck[Yup, sticking with that until the end].

And Lucien, thank you again sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Best of luck to you and Kelley, I hope things only get better from here. Thank you too, Kay. You're both wonderful people and it's been a honor knowing you.

Scott, thank you for being here from the beginning, and I'm sad that you're one of the people who wont be seeing the end. You were immensely helpful and had great ideas. I hope you and your lightning gun are kicking ass in the after life c:

Slice, on a personal note, thanks for the nickname. It's been one of those things that really gave me hope and encouraged me these past few months. Not to mention, for some reason it's something I've seen no one else use.

Echo, Thanks a million for letting Gabe and I stay with you. It was an awesome experience. Best of luck in the rest of what you do.

Vera, if you have to read this... Puroune, Daisuro, and take it easy when you're kicking my ass in the after life, alright? I'll keep a seat warm for you, I promise, but don't you or Adrian come claim it too soon. I don't wanna see you guys here quite yet :3

To everyone who hasn't been here long enough, or never really commented, it was nice seeing that I had support from you guys too. So thanks, I guess, for at least giving me the illusion of more readers.

And, before I end this completely(And, thanks to whomever winds up posting this for me)

Good Luck, Everyone. Please do your best to stay safe.


There, Mike, I posted it. I hope you're fucking happy. Yes, stop fucking reading over my shoulder, now.

I guess I have to address you weirdos too.

I'm just going to tell you this: My name is Uriel. I'm one of Gabe's older brothers, and one of the people who investigated Samantha's disappearance right up until my brother got involved.

That girl was insane. She got my brother to run away, and then got him murdered. I know he was just concerned, but he was also stupid.

Fuck, I knew more then Raph should have gone. I mean, fuck, he just looked away for a minute and Gabe and that little bitch were gone.

Well, case is closed now. My brother... Fuck, Gabe, he was burnt so badly they had to use his dental records to ID the body. Same with Samantha. I don't know anything else, although supposedly there was another body in the ruins.

The investigators suspect arson. I wouldn't be too shocked to find out Samantha started it. The house looked so bad, though, they'll be luck if they find anything conclusive. Although they fund a scrap of clot they think might be from some fancy black suit, stabbed into the wall with a pocket knife. 

I'm not trying to sound professional. I'm trying to sound like an asshole. This girl devastated my family and her own when all she needed was to say the word and she would have gotten mental help.

So here's the end of this delusional little girl's blog. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He's been outside all Day

He wont go away. Do you know how hard it is to watch "The Notebook" While the Slender Man himself is staring at you through a window with his tentacles flailing?

My brain glitchisdoingbetter today, as you can see. It's nice, but worrisome.

Oh well, Gabeistryingtoget me to focus on something not Slender related, despite him window stalking us. I think I'll try. Maybe Echo and I can finally get to that wheelie chair race we've been talkingabout.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

well,thisisprobablygoingtoannoy the hell out of some people

I'm having some... technicaldifficulties. Iguessthat'sthebestway to put it.

My spacing. It is fucked up. And annoyingthehelloutof me at this rate. But it'slikemybrainhasdecided that random spacing is fun, andican'tfuckingtypenormal. Or at least, I can'tseemtokeepalong string of normal type going.

WeLl iTsBeTtErThAnThIsItHiNk.

Urgh. So, let's see,whentheheckwasmylastpost? June7th?

Boy, it's been a whilehuh?

Let'ssee. Well,forstarters, the hallucinations have only gotten worse, althoughI'mgettingbetteratdividingrealityandmyimagination. The cough, surprisingly, hasletupabit. I'm not hacking up as muchofthatickyblack slag, and the coughs are mildlylessviolent.

I met up with Ver and her partner in crime for a few days. It was... Interesting. Shetackledmesohardsheknockedthewindoutof me when she first saw me. And she is a boney individual. It reallyslagginghurt,damnit.

We also learned a lesson. Whenpissedoffatslendersruiningareunionby chilling outside, screaming cursesandinsultsfrominside the only shelter you have? Yeah, that was a very bad idea. VeraandItried it. Vera,Gabe,Adrianandmyself had to then run from our burning shelter.

Yeah, I don'tthinkGabehasquite forgiven me yet. It was raining that night, and it was hard finding someplace else >.>

Anyway, Idohavesomereallyawesome news. After parting ways with Vera and Adrian, we went to [REDACTEDsorryI'msuchachildIcouldn'thelpmyself] and met upwiththeawesomeEcho. We've been staying with her since,andshe'sreallyniceandsuper friendly(to me). I don't think Gabe is enjoyinghimselfasmuchas I am. Sucks to be him xP

...How long hasitbeen since I've used an emote on here?

Anyway, Echoisanamazingcook. Seriously. And she bakes a lot,andshares,so I have beenaveryhappySam as of late. Jeeze, andtheysaytheway to a GUY'S heart isthroughhisstomach.

In much sadder news, I've lost another good friendwhowaswithmesincethe beggining of EIS. Rest In Peace, Scott. (No, I reallydon'tthinkthatnew blog is him. Sort of like how I think r is a fake.)

This is all so depressing. I guess thingswillneverbe the way they should be again. Really, all of my followers whodied,theydeservedbetter. And I miss them. Especiallytheoneswhowere with me from the beggining.

I thing Gabe is calling me. GuessIhavetostophidingnow. Later, guys.

OHRIGHTWAIT: I forgotthatIpromised Gabe I would mention this.  The only reason he doesn't really postonhisbloganymore is because he made it to find me. And now that he's withme,andIpostabouthim, he sees no reason to update A Knight's Tale. To sum it up: He's a lazy aft. Hedoesreadthough, just over my shoulder, soanycomments you have for him, you can add and I'lllethimsee.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Cough

It will not go away. I'm still hacking up black crap. Gabe thinks we should go to a hospital. I refuse to, someone is going to ask questions and I can't pay medical bills. It would just be very bad.

Still, the cough is annoying. It's lead to an awful throat and headache I can't get rid of.

Slender Man has been relatively non violent. When he's actually there, of course. He's just standing, tentacles hidden, staring at us. Staring at me. rightintomysoul.

I'm not doing so great. I've been seeing things. seeinghimohgodwhywonthestopstaring?! hesrightthereintheroomgodgabewhycantyousee?! areyouonhissidenow? Like Slender Man. When he isn't there. He's almost always in the room with us now, sometimes with tentacles sometimes without. Sometimes he lets me see his  real face and row after row ofthoseteeththosehorribleteethsosharp. hisbreathsmellslikethousandsofrottingcorpses. of those shark teeth. They're always covered in blood. And those eyes, they're just black empty holes. heknowsallmysinshowdoesheknow?

Gabe thinks it's just the fever that came with my death cough. thatdamnidiottheMASTERdoesbetterhehehehehe. I know that's not true though. It's almost my time. Slender is going to weaken me with this cough, than kill me and maybe Gabe. He must be tired of me running.

I'll keep going as long as I can though. And maybe I'll stay sane.

...I know I say this a lot, or used to, and that it's stupid... But stay safe, everyone, and good luck to all of you.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let's make it 40/Wow I'm so slow

 2 followers for each post, seeing as this will be my 20th.

I am being followed by my favorite Greek titan now. I think this is a moment of win ;D

Uh *ahem* Yeah. I'm a mythology nerd. Gotta let the little things amuse you, you know?

Anyway, welcome to the blog Prometheus.


Also, I've been linked to in two blogs now.

I don't understand this one at all. Please help?

Maurice linked to me as well.

So yes, I'm slow and I don't get it. :/ There goes the weirdly cheery mood I've had the whole week. Than again, it couldn't last forever, could it?

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yup. Another one of those updates. Good news is better than bad, after all.

Welcome to the blog, Lucas!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why the hell am I posting 3 days in a row?

I dunno. It makes me feel weirdly normal again.

Oh well, just here to welcome my newest follower. I wanna get back into the habit of being polite to everyone.

So, welcome to the blog, Mystery!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a Thought

You know, I realize something.

Gabe and I have no blood on our hands, making us a minority in the Slender Man universe. I wonder if that makes Slender try to mess with you a little less. Maybe it keeps you alive longer.

Hell, I've been running longer than Slice.

And Shelton has died what, 3 times now at Slender Man's hands?

And me... Well, I've been mentally assaulted by Slender repeatedly, and have a very bad habit of hallucinating him when he actually isn't around, but he hasn't killed me. O haven't even really been physically marked like some people have. But I guess there's no need. Gabe and I aren't exactly much of a fight or a contribution. Just survivors.

Let's look at my followers on here[Totally not to also catch V up to speed a bit]

Executor [Proxy]
TheShadyLady [Kidnapped, I don't read her blog much. She writes a lot and I don't have the time]
Joce [I don't read theirs.]
Frap ["      "]
Omega [Well, he's not actually hunted, so...]
Gabriel [...See above]
Echo Smith [Helped another Runner. Almost died because of it]
Alder Finley[Proxy]
Butterfly [IDK don't read]
Rebecca ["           "]
Alley [Was stuck in a labyrinth thing, although they weren't much of a runner/fighter from what I can tell. So, disproves my theory]
Lilith [Killed by a proxy after tyrying to sign on with a group planning to kill the Slender Man]
V [Knowing her, put up more of a fight than I did. Proxied for quite some time. Now herself again, no reported slender activity since, but she only just got back]
Lucien Drage [New leader of TWO groups against slender man, been fighting proxies. Fiancée kidnapped (Side not: I really hope you find Kelley safe and sound, and soon)]
Darby Shelton [Killed twice, had a female proxy in his head for a while. This is after killing more proxies than he probably has a count of]
Holly Ven [Got out, never was a runner or did too much fighting.]
Chase [I am not totally sure about her, I know she's had some bad slag]
Stormecho [Proxy now, sadly.]
Scott(Cataloger) [Getting pretty much every slender supporting organization thrown at him after running and fighting/working with a government branch against Slender Man]
Anonymous (The Magus) [Lost his little sister and Blinded after  fighting the slender man with magic]
Slice [Lost his brother and girlfriend along with many friends to the Slender Man after making a huge contribution to the community. Taught us playing with fire/drugs against Slender Man can actually be a good thing]
Adrian[I'm not really sure how much of a fighter against Slender himself that he's been]

So, there you go. A list of people who sort of aid my theory. Anyway, it's just my thoughts on things. Better than nothing, right.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And now back for Good things

A dear friend(In regards to Gabe): Awesome. Tell him I say hi. Also, if he doesn't treat you right I will use his face as a lampshade.

Another friend: Happy birthday Sammie! If anyone ruins it for you, I will remove their fingers and mail them to their mother~ <3

Another friend(a guy this time): Well, worse case scenario we can feed him[not Gabe] to the sharks.

I just gotta say, I love my internet friends. This will be my lighthearted post of the night. I'll stop soon, I swear.

The Real Reason for the Blog Wipe of Everything I See

Well, I'm sure some of you may remember some of the emotional posts on here that have now been taken down in regards to Mr. Shelton.

Most of you were here for that... Interesting little saga on my blog. But I'm only going into this because as a cosmic birthday gift, the diety's have given me time. And you know what? I think all of you have a right to know.

You see, there are two sides to every story. And while I'll admit some fault on my end, I also believe I was quite a bit in the right for my reaction.

Let's wind the clocks back to March, when I was still getting on every day to blog to you people, because I was stupid. Well, I was also finding the time to IM my then-boyfriend Shelton. Things were going pretty smoothly, really. I was a happy, naive little teenager with her first almost-a-boyfriend(I've since decided that he doesn't count). I was keeping myself alive, handling being a runner like any stupid, teenage girl might. But I guess Slender didn't want the authorities on me, so they never came.

Well, there's this interesting little corner of the internet called Facebook. I'm sure more than one of you have dealt with this destroyer of worlds. Well, one night, I got bored. Darby wasn't on, but I wanted to try to learn a little more about him. Why not search him on Facebook, right? So I did, and went through his wall.

I was surprised, and more than a little hurt, to find his relationship status was with his old girlfriend. You know, the one who supposedly cheated on him? "Okay, maybe he just never got around to changing it". It wasn't like we were friends on the site anyway. So, I keep looking, despite the alarm bells in the bak of my head warning me I wasn't going to like what I found.

He got back with the girlfriend on the same day that he formally asked me out. Huh, now didn't that strike me as odd. Well, coupled with the fact that they were still sending messages that indicated they were both still together, I got the hint.

I got upset, and broke up with him. Being conflicted, I was my usual indecisive self and then tried to immediately thereafter make things right. Naive, please don't forget that as you read.

When he tried to explain himself, I wasn't really terribly open minded. Looking back, I can't blame myself. What I read had been a good hard slap in the face. Him trying to explain that he loved us both seemed ridiculous at first, just because of what he did to her. Looking back, I can understand that a little more, but still. He was dating her still, or at least that certainly how it looked, while he was dating me. Have any of you ever heard the term "cheating" in relation to relationships.

It wasn't fair. Not to me, and certainly not to Mr. Shelton's other girlfriend. So that is why I now believe that I was justified in my actions.

So here's my explanation for Shelton's most recent death. He was trying to get away from -me-. And instead of acting like a man, and telling me to get away from his blog, or even at least giving an honest last post, he faked his own death and let Vexil along with every single other blogger look like the bad guy.

There, that's the real reason for the blog wipe. That is why I got so upset that I deleted the complete history of Everything I See. That's why you can't go back and read my other posts. Because I got emotional and acted rashly, like any human might.

Just because we're running, doesn't mean that we loose the right to that. And I'm not going to sit here and pretend that I am some hero like Zeke Strahm. I don't think I have, because that just isn't me. I guess that just makes me pretty boring, huh?

I know it's late for me to post this now. But Shelton has made yet another miraculous return from the dead, and has admitted he owes an explanation. Not just to me, but to everyone here on the blogs. On his own post, I have commented that it had better be a damn good one. We'll see if it turns out to be some chivalrous hero story to mostly dead air. Or maybe it will be something honest that gains him a bit more respect from at least my side of the story.

I will give him some credit, though. After what, 2 months now? He contacted me and gave me an apology last night. And as I've said many times before, and as I said last night, I forgive him. Perhaps not entirely, and trusting him would be damn near impossible, but forgiveness I can do.

You know, it really hurt when it all happened. And when it did, I was plunging right into a period of time where I could have used every ounce of help I could get from people who were moderately sane. Now, at the still quite young age of 16, I am at least grateful for the heartbreak. One shouldn't take bad things for granted. Daddy did always tell me to learn from my... Well, I don't want to say mistake. Bad choice. So, I learned, the hard way.

Young love is stupid anyway ;P

And you know what? For the first time, I can really look back at something and admit that I'm not sorry for how I acted. And hindsight is 20/20. So I guess that is always a positive.

Happy Birthday to Me

It's been a lousy year. Friends and Family out of my life, relationships damaged, countless people dead.

Hell, you only need to look through my followers to see that though, right? i don't know why I even post any more. No one comments, no one has anything to say.

Oh well, Live in the Light, right?

...That was terrible. *cough/-shot-/cough*

Anyway, I've been trying to extract my lungs via my esophagus since Friday. Been coughing up some foul smelling black slag. It's been fun. Gabe is a stubborn ass that refuses to be more than three feet away even though he's going to catch my Nyquil-aint-doing-shit death cough.

Gabe feels this incessant need to remind me that he is my boyfriend now, and therefore it is his job to be a pain in my ass about things like this. (Did I ever mention that here before now? 0.o)

Of course, I pretty much tacklehugged him when I woke up and found him waiting with an ice cream cake. I was a very happy Sammie. :3 I love my ice cream cake. It felt oddly normal, but it made me happy, so ^^

Anyway, he wasn't terribly happen to see a certain ghost of my past has returned from the dead *cough*again*/cough*. But, on to happier things.

Like that it's my birthday. Haha, I have lived to celebrate the 16th anniversarry of the day my fantastic self was born!

I'm going to cut the fake ego now. :3

Stay safe everyone.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh Gods...



FUCK. I can't get on here and see some good fucking news?!

Slice was one of my original friends on the blogs. He was one of the survivors left. Scott might be dead. Raz is MIA again. Anon is in the hands of two proxies. Stormy is Slender's. Holly is hardly a blogger anymore, but she got out and away from this, so at least she has a happy ending. And you all know the fate of V and Adrian.

Those are the people I remember really being around when I started gaining followers. They were my friends before I started running or anything. Sice was one of the people around to try and talk me out of the mythos. It's going to be strange not having his updates to read anymore.

I guess all I can do now is hope everyone who's still living can make it out alive and sane. And everyone who isn't is able to rest in peace and finds happiness a wherever their spirits went.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

...Fucking Mother of Hell

I... God fucking damn everything.

These have been the worst few days of my life. I mean... Ugh. I don't want to talk about it, but I do. My head is pounding, and Gabe is awake and has been demanding answers since we got back to the hotel room. The door has been mythically fixed, to those that care. Which is great. I'm almost out of cash. This is the last night in a hotel we can afford, I think.

I'm going to start with me. Saturday night, I woke up around 1:30 am. So, Sunday morning. Not really important. I woke up because something had pinned me to my front, and was tying my wrists, I struggled, and threw it off. In the dim light, I could see it was a person. I flicked on a light, and see Vera staring up at me from the floor. But I knew something else was there, I could just feel it. No, that's a lie, I could feel -him-. Almost like he cast a shadow in my mind. I glanced up... And there -he- was. Just standing there, his head cocked. He 'stared at me like that, and I stared back. Vera... Vindicta... Whoever, she didn't dare disrupt our staring match.

Something changed. He shifted first, and it was almost like time ha unfrozen. Vera launched at me, tackling me. I was so surprised and tried I tumbled back and cracked my head on the wall so hard I saw stars. I don't remember anything else in the hotel room.

When I woke up, I was in a dusty room with a single, curtain-less window. There was no bed or anything, and I was left sitting in the corner. My wrists were tied behind my back. My ankles were bound together. My head was throbbing and I just felt -wrong-. It felt like there was that weird... Cloud thing in my head again,like something was pushing against my mind.

Vindicta was on a stool near the door, wrapped up in her iPod. She glanced over at me, looking a little surprised that I was awake. And then she grinned at me. Not her normal grin. No, it was just... Evil is the best way to put it.

We just sort of stared at each other for a while. That's all we really did when we were alone. She didn't hurt me, I didn't talk to her. It was kind of a silent, mutual agreement we had, I think.

It was when He was in the room that things were bad. Vindicta would watch and he and I either stared at each other, or he chose to assault my mind and leave me in so much pain it felt like he was ripping open my skull and my brain and bagging it and hanging it from trees, all while I was awake and able to feel it all. I don't know how, but the whole process made my entire body sore. It was... Awful. It happened a couple of times before Wednesday.

Tuesday, fairly late and night, Slender carried Gabe in. He was unconscious and tied up. I think the first I spoke to Vera... Vindicta. The first I spoke to -Vindicta- was when I asked what the hell they did to him. She didn't really give me an answer, and slender shut me up pretty quick.

Adrian came in like the big hero on Wednesday. I really only heard what happened as opposed to see it, as Vindicta had been operating from another room that day. There was the sound of glass breaking, which I later learned was the front window. Adrian apparently has some sniper training, and shot Vindicta in the knee. I heard her hobble to the door and open it. I heard them have a scuffle. There were lots of bangs and thuds and yelling an cursing. Then there were three gun shots, but the scuffle still continued. I managed to get myself free and then helped Gabe out. He lead me out, and we talked with Adrian.

Well, Gabe talked. I saw V... My V, my sister, knocked unconscious on the floor, bloody and beaten to hell. I screamed at him and called him a bunch of nasty names. He threatened to tranquilize me and actually did tranquilize Gabe. I've... I've never been that angry before in my life, I don't think. What he did to Vera was too fucking -real-.

Then he offered to take us all to safety, and promised to care for V and make Vindicta disappear. He promised Gabe and I would be free of Him.

I helped him tie up V and let him take her. I let him go with her. I'm a terrible, rotten person who let a murder take my as good as blood best friend away to Primus knows where to use her as a lab rat. And I didn't go with them to protect her. I watched him leave, and waited in that house.

Slender came in at come point, and everything went black. When I woke up, Gabe was awake and flipping his shit and my head was throbbing but we were back in the hotel room with all of our things as we'd left them.

You all must think that I'm stupid for not taking Adrian up on his offer. I had my chance to get Gabe and I out and I didn't take it.

I just don't trust him. I'm terrible for it, but he might be able to care for her when she'd just wind up killing me eventually.  Maybe he can save her. If he can... I'm going to cut off all contact from them, so they don't get infected again. Maybe they can make it work. I hope that they can.

When Gabe reads this, he'd probably going to hate me...

I'm not okay. I feel violated and disgusting and there's a huge ugly operator symbol shaped bruise on my back. And we're almost out of money. And it took me days to write this because I keep sobbing and hacking my lungs out and getting nosebleeds every ime i write this like He doesn't want me to share the story.

i'm scared, guys. i fucked up and i'm scared and i want my best friend and my famiy and y friends and my cat. i want to wake up and be home an the worst think i have to worry about is taking a math test that ay or something. i want my life back...

my head hurts... that fuzzy feeling is back...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What the fuck?!

Sammie is gone. She just up and left while I was asleep. I waited around for her that entire day. Now it's been since Saturday I guess? Has anyone heard from her?

Was it something I said? Did I do something wrong?  I just I don't understand why the hell she would do this.

And the door was royally screwed up like a crackhead squirrel attacked it. All sorts of weird stuff. Something that looks like a tree some weird code looking thing a bunch of (X) symbols. It honestly looks like someone is screwing up the sign of the Zodiac Killer. What's with that?

Alright I'm going to add myself as a contributer on here and then I'm going to go out looking for her. Hopefully she hasn't gone far. I'll post this when I get back.

Edit: Holy. Shit.

I just came back from looking for her. I went to go back in and I realized there was dryed blood on the door. How did I not see that before?

I checked her side of the room(It was cheaper to get two beds in one room and what Knightess somehow manage d to get out of her bank account isn't going to last. I have no idea why the account was still working and how no one has traced us yet after accessing it. Someone is screwing up big time.) All of her stuff is still here. She didn't have much to begin with but I mean everything. Even Vera's necklace and I've only seen her take that off before she goes to bed. 

Fuck she didn't just leave did she?

FUCK. I ned help. What do I do? I don't know what I'm doing and Sam's gone and theres blood on my door and there is someone at the door and banging against it andfghjkl;'

Idiots, the both of them. Now that those two are out of my hair.... Knightess is alive, for now. So is that want-to-be. But not for very long. You had best hurry if you want them back, anyone.  

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ratatosk-What I'm callling Batshit Adrian
Adrian- Term for normal Adrian
Kyou- Current more-calm-but-still-wants-Vindicta-dead-but-would-just-prefer-the-Vera-personality-back Adrian.

I will come up with(read: pick more of his characters') more names if more (psycho) personalities come up.

R.T. --> He's... Interesting, to say the least. I'm looking forward to whatever the PTC comes up with. I pray these guys do NOT fuck this over. I will be PISSED off. On that note, he(I'm calling it a he, yes. Old habits die hard) did have some really bad news...

Notification: Updating list of entities involved in original de-integration. Current list:

The |OC|  
(Slendy-boy, for those of you that don't know)
The Rake
The Dark One 
(I'm going to but a ? to the ones I don't know what they are. Anyone who knows, could you explain?)
The Black-Eyed Ones 
(? --> He is a god of some sort,correct?)
(Assuming "vampire")
(assuming "werewolf")
 Der Erlking
Avis Detrimenti
 Vulpes Victoria
 Oceanum Spolarium
The Jabberwock

I'll  be doing more research on my own when I have time. Time isn't something common place though. I tried to type the first part of this sometime this morning, and was interrupted by Nebula. It's true, blondie is still hanging around. And fragger, what a pain she is.

As for that list... If that doesn't define, "We are SCREWED" I don't know what will. Is there a trope for this?

Urgh. This is bad.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Should I feel bad?

Probably. It's my fault they're involved, after all. Had I just not told them anything, and let myself suffer alone, they wouldn't be like this.

"Yeah, Gabe. Slender is a drug. It's a new name for LSD. I've gone on some fucking AWESOME trips. It's amaaaazzzzziiiinnnnnngggggg. Adrian didn't get me into it. Actually, he'll probably start bitchin when he reads this. So will V, too. xD" Had I told him that, he wouldn't be here. I'd be on my own and he'd be safely at home with his three brothers and his parents. Fuck it, why didn't I say that?

Now he's going to die because of me, more then likely...

And Adrian only got caught in because I had to tell him once Ver lost it. And I got her involved. And I couldn't keep her with me.

I tried and they wouldn't listen and now here we are. We're all going to die because I'm a dumbass and dragged them into this.

I'm such a rotten friend.

Vera, Adrian, Gabe... I'm sorry, I'm really sorry...

Friday, April 22, 2011

I... Apologize for my last post?

I was freaking out. I'm still freaked out. But I'm a little calmer now.

Having Gabe around has been surprisingly nice, despite the fact that we have to constantly keep moving because ol' tall dark and freaky has been showing up more (yay) since Gabe and I got together. Which, I mean, that's kind of meh, at this point. Because I'm not dead and I actually have company. A friend that isn't going to be prone to suddenly snap and grab me by the throat and choke the life out of me or shoot me or stab me or...

You all get the idea, right? Point is, I'm calm right now. It's more relaxed. I'm fairly certain that Gabe is fairly certain that I am certifiably insane. And yeah, he's... A lot nicer than his first impression was in criminology, but of course I'm sure the fact that he and Vera were friends and I talked to him a bit outside of school influenced that and...

URGH. He's just so damn normal. I can't adjust.

Oh well. At least he's not like Adrian or... Whoever/whatever Adrian has become. And he isn't like Ver- Sorry, Vindicta, old habits die hard, you know. He's just Gabe. He's just my friend. He knows who I am and what my full name is and he grieved with a (surprising) amount of people over my death/kidnapping/random as fuck disappearance I shouldn't have been able to pull off.

I don't know. I'm tired. I don't sleep worth a crap anymore. I don't think Gabe has noticed, seeing as he sleeps like a motherfucking rock. It's ridiculous. I've had to resort to pouring cold water on the kid to waking him up. And that usually only works with me nearly yelling and getting ready to jump up and down on his damn ribcage. I swear, I don't know how this kid does it.

...I'm younger than him and I'm calling him kid. How does that work? :/

Moving on.

Uh, well, I've been trying to be semi useful in comments again, when I have the time. The nightmares are back and increasingly worse, I'm just not sharing anymore. Yes, Gabe, that includes you in the I am not sharing. Can't be giving special treatment now.

I noticed a lot of the little groups of friends who support each other are becoming scarce again. Kind of sad. I guess it's because so many have been lost or were killed. I just realized there are a bunch of people I used to follow that I have no clue what there fates are. It's depressing. Oh well, I'm glad I have most of my little group still together. Well, alive would be the better term. Since only God and Slenderslag know where Slice is. And -hopefully- Scott gets through round one of his little game okay(Fraggit Specter! GREAT going on that one!). And Lucien is okay, I think, although I'm not sure if he's posted recently or not. And Kay was the lucky winner of a mysterious prize.

Gabe is shooting me funny looks. I probably have some explaining to do when we get going again.

...Speaking of getting going again, I probably shouldn't have wasted so much time on a "Hey, I'm alive!" but I did... Oh well. Maybe I'll start coming up with something moderately useful again. Remember when I used to try that?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011




You fucking snapped? How the hell are you allowed to snap?!

YOU FUCKING JERK! I need you! Vera needs you! You think she's going to wake up any quicker when you've fucking lost it? You thing loosing your mind is going to bring anyone back?

I... I... Fucking damn it.

I met Gabe. It was awful. Slendy showed. Gabe's a runner now. We're staying together, because someone needs to show him the ropes and I am really fucking sick of being alone.

I'm going to go freak out a little more and maybe we'll keep moving.

Friday, April 8, 2011


If I read a shit load of 'LYKE OMG HE/SHE'S PHAKE? LIEK WHAT TEH EFFFFFF MAN?'  I am going to be annoyed.


Is it a good story? Y[ ] N[ ]
Do you like their plot? Y[ ] N[ ]
Do you like the characters? Y[ ] N[ ]
Do you look up to them/their thoughts/ their ideas involving the mythos? Y[ ] N[ ]

If you said yes to any of the above, then for the love of all that is holy, QUIT WHINING!

Primus, really people? It's a tall faceless guy in a business suit that grows -tentacles- out of it's -back- and eats -children-. What kind of writer wouldn't take a free use character and run with it just as far as they possibly could?

And quite honestly, some of your stories really do suck. I wont mention names, but I lost the patience long ago to read through 30 pages of 'LYKE OMG HAI AI CAN'T SPULL FUR SHIZ BUUUUAT SLENDY IS FOLLWIN Me LyKe IsNt ThAt NuTs?!!!111!'

Just saying. I know my blog, on a personal level, isn't/wasn't all that great on a writers perspective. Any entries I would read back on, as a general rule I'd cringe. But than again, I am indecisive as hell, so that could contribute to any other writers out there going 'WTF is this person's PLOT?!'

But, of course, there is no plot. I'm just telling you what happens to me as I go.

Or am I? You can't be sure.

And there, my friends, is the beauty of the mythos.

I am off to go make some bad decisions.

[end rant]

Thursday, April 7, 2011


My knee hurts. I guess that is what I get for being a dumbass.

Oddly enough, even though I scraped it pretty good, my jeans are still fine. I guess that's a plus.

So, yeah. Long story short, Nebbie showed. I ran. And thought I could make a jump over a small set of concrete stairs with thin walls on either side. Any other time I could have done it. But the fates were against me today.

Sam jumped, Sam failed, Sam inserted her knee into the concrete she was attempting to jump, picked herself up, and kept limping.

Running from a girl that wants me dead and al I could think of was how embarrassed I was. Than again, I probably only got away because Nebula damn near pissed herself laughing at me.

Fuck Thursdays. They always did suck big time...

So yeah. I'm still alive, but I am still a clumsy dumbass.

Lets see, do I have anything kind of important to say? Aside from I am highly considering taking up Adrian's offer and giving up on Vera? No, I don't really think so...

On a lighter note:

Oh, I should probably mention that I'm doing something INCREDIBLY stupid.

I'm heading closer to home, to meet up with Gabe for a few hours.

Dude, if you pull anything to get me caught, I -will- fucking -kill- you. Just saying.

Urgh, I'm gonna get him marked. I shouldn't be doing this. Oh well, that's all for now.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I must be pretty awesome if Omega is following me *shot*

Nah, I don't have that much of an ego.

Anyway, I'm here to let you know that I am alive.

And, you know, welcome Omega to the blog like a nice person.

And to tell Gabe to GO AWAY while I have the time. Slender is not a drug. it is a long story you don't need to read, and I swear I am going to figure out how to block you ><

Uh, pretty sure that's all.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I Guess I should Explain

The Blog wipe.

I had over 100 pages of BULL. 100+ Posts of me being an angsty bitch and me complaining about nothing. And what was left was the what, like ten about me running? And I was just frustrated, and I needed to take it out on something. So, deleting all of my posts seemed like a nice vent source at the time. No, I don't know why, but it's over and done now, is it not?

That being said, I realize it's unfair for new followers like Echo to understand what the fuck is going on here. So this post is just going to be a sum up of what the hell happened here.

For starters, my blog is heavily intertwined with my best friend's: Chronicle of a Tale Foretold. I consider her to be my sister, if there's any confusion there.

The blog stared in October of last year. Up until February, it was just my normal life.  Blah blah blah girl angst from a kid with diagnosed depression. On occasion I'd mention a dream I had, the Slender Man, and any theories I had/Several theories that were stupid.  And I did have my Slender Man story for Zero on here a while. I may or may not re-post it, depending upon if I ever got it back from my old computer.

Anyway, I started commenting on Slender Blogs. Trying to be nice, offer up comfort, a theory. In general, I was trying to be a good person. This was back when I thought words made any ounce of difference. I was slow to learn they don't, but it seems like you matter when you're not involved.

So, I started talking with Slender Bloggers/Other fans. I went by KIki at first, before saying "screw it" and going ahead and using my real name. The Knightess thing you'll see attached sometimes is a nickname I got from Slice that I liked and I just stuck with it. My blog became more popular than I EVER thought it would be. Blah blah blah, emotional attachments, calling out the Slender bloggers, other stuff. I met Darby Shelton(Pax Exitium Sequitur), started talking with him. He was the first person I talked too off grid.

I got some blog comments I blew way out of proportion. It was stupid. I was looking into something and there was literally nothing to find. So I'm sorry about that, everyone who thought I was going somewhere with those. I was dumb, and wrong. No biggie.

Anyway, my first ANYTHING that really connected me to the mythos was when Darby found a proxy note with my name on it (See Here: Link ). I was kind of freaked out, but I convinced myself it was nothing, and tried to move on. I tried to just let things go, and watch as my good friends on the blogs all got hurt or killed or went insane, who hates who, yadda yadda. On top of watching family and friends have problems.

So, then February comes rolling on in. I start seeing a person hanging around my house. Every time I would try to show my dad, she'd just up and disappear. Than she showed up in my room. I apparently disappeared sometime around the 15th. When I came to, I was alone with my Proxy, I somehow hallucinate stabbing her in the eye and knocking her out(Last time I saw her her eye was fine and my memory has gone straight down the crapper for anything anymore. I can just give the basic gist now). And I got out. Proxy kept following me, hacking my blog, all that fun stuff. I found a safe spot, and Vindicta* paid me a visit. That ended alright. I got caught again a while later, Lucien from Into the Truth saved me. I stayed with his sister, Kay, for a few days, before I ran away from there. After that, I just kept running. I found a safehouse one night, when Vindicta showed up once again. She had the crap beaten out of here, but she was acting more like herself than a proxy when she came too. We didn't leave for too long, Slendy was showing up way to often. So, in a stupid, vain post I typed up that I was gonna commit suicide via Slendy. I pretty much though that's what I was doing, but I was hoping to lead him away from Vera.

I got out without a scratch. I failed. Vera is still hallowed.

*Vera, Vindicta and V are all the same person. Vindicta is just here when she is hallowed. V/Ver is when she's being normal. She's the author of Chronicle. I don't really know what happened to her. I tried to keep her out of this, and she wouldn't listen, so here I am.

And everything with Darby ended badly. Obviously. Yes, that freakout a few days ago will more than likely be deleted soon.

I'm pretty sure that's all that matters.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I really need to give a proper update

I'm not sure if 'I'm alive' qualifies enough. I've been running, Nebbie has reared her ugly head a few times. And Slendy has shown.

I'm getting over my weird typing quirks. Still no voice though, although at this point if I could talk I wouldn't anyway because talking to oneself makes oneself appear insane.

Which, you know, is a very likely possibility.

I'm... I'm okay, all thinks considered. I somehow haven't cracked yet, which is a plus.

No news from Vindicta or Vera. I haven't heard from Adrian since before my blog wipe. And... Well, you all know the rest.

You all know where to find me. If you need me off grid, email:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm alive.

I'm back.

It's a long story. HE was there, and so close, and Ver was asleep and I just thought maybe I could get HIM away from her.

It CLEARLY didn't work. I failed. Sorry Ver.

So, Vindicta's back.

That last post... I wasn't sure I was coming back. Running -at- the faceless suit is generally considered stupid, right?

So... I'm here. Ready and waiting for all verbal abuse while I question why I'm still alive.