Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a Thought

You know, I realize something.

Gabe and I have no blood on our hands, making us a minority in the Slender Man universe. I wonder if that makes Slender try to mess with you a little less. Maybe it keeps you alive longer.

Hell, I've been running longer than Slice.

And Shelton has died what, 3 times now at Slender Man's hands?

And me... Well, I've been mentally assaulted by Slender repeatedly, and have a very bad habit of hallucinating him when he actually isn't around, but he hasn't killed me. O haven't even really been physically marked like some people have. But I guess there's no need. Gabe and I aren't exactly much of a fight or a contribution. Just survivors.

Let's look at my followers on here[Totally not to also catch V up to speed a bit]

Executor [Proxy]
TheShadyLady [Kidnapped, I don't read her blog much. She writes a lot and I don't have the time]
Joce [I don't read theirs.]
Frap ["      "]
Omega [Well, he's not actually hunted, so...]
Gabriel [...See above]
Echo Smith [Helped another Runner. Almost died because of it]
Alder Finley[Proxy]
Butterfly [IDK don't read]
Rebecca ["           "]
Alley [Was stuck in a labyrinth thing, although they weren't much of a runner/fighter from what I can tell. So, disproves my theory]
Lilith [Killed by a proxy after tyrying to sign on with a group planning to kill the Slender Man]
V [Knowing her, put up more of a fight than I did. Proxied for quite some time. Now herself again, no reported slender activity since, but she only just got back]
Lucien Drage [New leader of TWO groups against slender man, been fighting proxies. Fiancée kidnapped (Side not: I really hope you find Kelley safe and sound, and soon)]
Darby Shelton [Killed twice, had a female proxy in his head for a while. This is after killing more proxies than he probably has a count of]
Holly Ven [Got out, never was a runner or did too much fighting.]
Chase [I am not totally sure about her, I know she's had some bad slag]
Stormecho [Proxy now, sadly.]
Scott(Cataloger) [Getting pretty much every slender supporting organization thrown at him after running and fighting/working with a government branch against Slender Man]
Anonymous (The Magus) [Lost his little sister and Blinded after  fighting the slender man with magic]
Slice [Lost his brother and girlfriend along with many friends to the Slender Man after making a huge contribution to the community. Taught us playing with fire/drugs against Slender Man can actually be a good thing]
Adrian[I'm not really sure how much of a fighter against Slender himself that he's been]

So, there you go. A list of people who sort of aid my theory. Anyway, it's just my thoughts on things. Better than nothing, right.


  1. I must admit it's an interesting theory. It could be like that episode of JLU where the monster of the week only showed as much aggression as was shown to it. Although, I don't think that's the case. Still worth looking into.

    Also, seeing the fake last name I chose for myself is just too odd. Maybe I'm just weird.

  2. Yeah, I know. I don't wanna be the one to test it though, I'm no Ava...

    Lol, sorry?