Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let's make it 40/Wow I'm so slow

 2 followers for each post, seeing as this will be my 20th.

I am being followed by my favorite Greek titan now. I think this is a moment of win ;D

Uh *ahem* Yeah. I'm a mythology nerd. Gotta let the little things amuse you, you know?

Anyway, welcome to the blog Prometheus.


Also, I've been linked to in two blogs now.

I don't understand this one at all. Please help?

Maurice linked to me as well.

So yes, I'm slow and I don't get it. :/ There goes the weirdly cheery mood I've had the whole week. Than again, it couldn't last forever, could it?


  1. Did you know, Prometheus stole fire from the Gods to give to man. The jewelry, he kept for himself.

  2. Can't say for Maurice, but Schrody's just trying to cheer people up. Just so happens she used your tagline to do so.

  3. Well, it's a pleasure, I guess. I'm not that great at living up to my namesake though, so don't be too disappointed.

  4. It's not like I'm expecting all that much from you, Prometheus. The fact that you already commented on your welcome to the blog post has gained you some respect from me.