Friday, July 1, 2011

The Last Post You'll Ever See

From me, that is. If you're reading this, well, shit has hit the fan, and then someone blew up the fan and set the room it was in on fire.

Of course, I'm not sure anyone aside from maybe Vera will be reading this. And Adrian, of course. And if I'm really lucky, Gabe too, and maybe his brothers. I don't know, I just want to think to myself that they'll at least survive this, and be happy. At the very least, Adrian and Ver have each other, right?

It's probably for the best I handed her over to him, huh? They seemed happy to me, when I saw them.

To my friends, though. Scott, Slice, Lucien, Raz/D, Anon, Stormy[proxied or no], Echo, Holly, Gabe, Adrian, and of course Vera; Thank you. All of you. You've been here through out this giant roller coaster with me. And even though a lot of you are not here to read this now, your friendship, both before and after the Slender Man Chronicle... It means the world to me.

Raz/D and Anon- Thanks, guys. You've always been there. I don't know what I would have done without you those first few months. You were great. Good luck with Susan, Anon, and I'm still deeply sorry about Tikka. Raz/D... Stay safe, both of you, Good Luck[Yup, sticking with that until the end].

And Lucien, thank you again sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Best of luck to you and Kelley, I hope things only get better from here. Thank you too, Kay. You're both wonderful people and it's been a honor knowing you.

Scott, thank you for being here from the beginning, and I'm sad that you're one of the people who wont be seeing the end. You were immensely helpful and had great ideas. I hope you and your lightning gun are kicking ass in the after life c:

Slice, on a personal note, thanks for the nickname. It's been one of those things that really gave me hope and encouraged me these past few months. Not to mention, for some reason it's something I've seen no one else use.

Echo, Thanks a million for letting Gabe and I stay with you. It was an awesome experience. Best of luck in the rest of what you do.

Vera, if you have to read this... Puroune, Daisuro, and take it easy when you're kicking my ass in the after life, alright? I'll keep a seat warm for you, I promise, but don't you or Adrian come claim it too soon. I don't wanna see you guys here quite yet :3

To everyone who hasn't been here long enough, or never really commented, it was nice seeing that I had support from you guys too. So thanks, I guess, for at least giving me the illusion of more readers.

And, before I end this completely(And, thanks to whomever winds up posting this for me)

Good Luck, Everyone. Please do your best to stay safe.


There, Mike, I posted it. I hope you're fucking happy. Yes, stop fucking reading over my shoulder, now.

I guess I have to address you weirdos too.

I'm just going to tell you this: My name is Uriel. I'm one of Gabe's older brothers, and one of the people who investigated Samantha's disappearance right up until my brother got involved.

That girl was insane. She got my brother to run away, and then got him murdered. I know he was just concerned, but he was also stupid.

Fuck, I knew more then Raph should have gone. I mean, fuck, he just looked away for a minute and Gabe and that little bitch were gone.

Well, case is closed now. My brother... Fuck, Gabe, he was burnt so badly they had to use his dental records to ID the body. Same with Samantha. I don't know anything else, although supposedly there was another body in the ruins.

The investigators suspect arson. I wouldn't be too shocked to find out Samantha started it. The house looked so bad, though, they'll be luck if they find anything conclusive. Although they fund a scrap of clot they think might be from some fancy black suit, stabbed into the wall with a pocket knife. 

I'm not trying to sound professional. I'm trying to sound like an asshole. This girl devastated my family and her own when all she needed was to say the word and she would have gotten mental help.

So here's the end of this delusional little girl's blog.