Tuesday, June 28, 2011

He's been outside all Day

He wont go away. Do you know how hard it is to watch "The Notebook" While the Slender Man himself is staring at you through a window with his tentacles flailing?

My brain glitchisdoingbetter today, as you can see. It's nice, but worrisome.

Oh well, Gabeistryingtoget me to focus on something not Slender related, despite him window stalking us. I think I'll try. Maybe Echo and I can finally get to that wheelie chair race we've been talkingabout.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

well,thisisprobablygoingtoannoy the hell out of some people

I'm having some... technicaldifficulties. Iguessthat'sthebestway to put it.

My spacing. It is fucked up. And annoyingthehelloutof me at this rate. But it'slikemybrainhasdecided that random spacing is fun, andican'tfuckingtypenormal. Or at least, I can'tseemtokeepalong string of normal type going.

WeLl iTsBeTtErThAnThIsItHiNk.

Urgh. So, let's see,whentheheckwasmylastpost? June7th?

Boy, it's been a whilehuh?

Let'ssee. Well,forstarters, the hallucinations have only gotten worse, althoughI'mgettingbetteratdividingrealityandmyimagination. The cough, surprisingly, hasletupabit. I'm not hacking up as muchofthatickyblack slag, and the coughs are mildlylessviolent.

I met up with Ver and her partner in crime for a few days. It was... Interesting. Shetackledmesohardsheknockedthewindoutof me when she first saw me. And she is a boney individual. It reallyslagginghurt,damnit.

We also learned a lesson. Whenpissedoffatslendersruiningareunionby chilling outside, screaming cursesandinsultsfrominside the only shelter you have? Yeah, that was a very bad idea. VeraandItried it. Vera,Gabe,Adrianandmyself had to then run from our burning shelter.

Yeah, I don'tthinkGabehasquite forgiven me yet. It was raining that night, and it was hard finding someplace else >.>

Anyway, Idohavesomereallyawesome news. After parting ways with Vera and Adrian, we went to [REDACTEDsorryI'msuchachildIcouldn'thelpmyself] and met upwiththeawesomeEcho. We've been staying with her since,andshe'sreallyniceandsuper friendly(to me). I don't think Gabe is enjoyinghimselfasmuchas I am. Sucks to be him xP

...How long hasitbeen since I've used an emote on here?

Anyway, Echoisanamazingcook. Seriously. And she bakes a lot,andshares,so I have beenaveryhappySam as of late. Jeeze, andtheysaytheway to a GUY'S heart isthroughhisstomach.

In much sadder news, I've lost another good friendwhowaswithmesincethe beggining of EIS. Rest In Peace, Scott. (No, I reallydon'tthinkthatnew blog is him. Sort of like how I think r is a fake.)

This is all so depressing. I guess thingswillneverbe the way they should be again. Really, all of my followers whodied,theydeservedbetter. And I miss them. Especiallytheoneswhowere with me from the beggining.

I thing Gabe is calling me. GuessIhavetostophidingnow. Later, guys.

OHRIGHTWAIT: I forgotthatIpromised Gabe I would mention this.  The only reason he doesn't really postonhisbloganymore is because he made it to find me. And now that he's withme,andIpostabouthim, he sees no reason to update A Knight's Tale. To sum it up: He's a lazy aft. Hedoesreadthough, just over my shoulder, soanycomments you have for him, you can add and I'lllethimsee.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This Cough

It will not go away. I'm still hacking up black crap. Gabe thinks we should go to a hospital. I refuse to, someone is going to ask questions and I can't pay medical bills. It would just be very bad.

Still, the cough is annoying. It's lead to an awful throat and headache I can't get rid of.

Slender Man has been relatively non violent. When he's actually there, of course. He's just standing, tentacles hidden, staring at us. Staring at me. rightintomysoul.

I'm not doing so great. I've been seeing things. seeinghimohgodwhywonthestopstaring?! hesrightthereintheroomgodgabewhycantyousee?! areyouonhissidenow? Like Slender Man. When he isn't there. He's almost always in the room with us now, sometimes with tentacles sometimes without. Sometimes he lets me see his  real face and row after row ofthoseteeththosehorribleteethsosharp. hisbreathsmellslikethousandsofrottingcorpses. of those shark teeth. They're always covered in blood. And those eyes, they're just black empty holes. heknowsallmysinshowdoesheknow?

Gabe thinks it's just the fever that came with my death cough. thatdamnidiottheMASTERdoesbetterhehehehehe. I know that's not true though. It's almost my time. Slender is going to weaken me with this cough, than kill me and maybe Gabe. He must be tired of me running.

I'll keep going as long as I can though. And maybe I'll stay sane.

...I know I say this a lot, or used to, and that it's stupid... But stay safe, everyone, and good luck to all of you.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Let's make it 40/Wow I'm so slow

 2 followers for each post, seeing as this will be my 20th.

I am being followed by my favorite Greek titan now. I think this is a moment of win ;D

Uh *ahem* Yeah. I'm a mythology nerd. Gotta let the little things amuse you, you know?

Anyway, welcome to the blog Prometheus.


Also, I've been linked to in two blogs now.

I don't understand this one at all. Please help?

Maurice linked to me as well.

So yes, I'm slow and I don't get it. :/ There goes the weirdly cheery mood I've had the whole week. Than again, it couldn't last forever, could it?

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yup. Another one of those updates. Good news is better than bad, after all.

Welcome to the blog, Lucas!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Why the hell am I posting 3 days in a row?

I dunno. It makes me feel weirdly normal again.

Oh well, just here to welcome my newest follower. I wanna get back into the habit of being polite to everyone.

So, welcome to the blog, Mystery!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Just a Thought

You know, I realize something.

Gabe and I have no blood on our hands, making us a minority in the Slender Man universe. I wonder if that makes Slender try to mess with you a little less. Maybe it keeps you alive longer.

Hell, I've been running longer than Slice.

And Shelton has died what, 3 times now at Slender Man's hands?

And me... Well, I've been mentally assaulted by Slender repeatedly, and have a very bad habit of hallucinating him when he actually isn't around, but he hasn't killed me. O haven't even really been physically marked like some people have. But I guess there's no need. Gabe and I aren't exactly much of a fight or a contribution. Just survivors.

Let's look at my followers on here[Totally not to also catch V up to speed a bit]

Executor [Proxy]
TheShadyLady [Kidnapped, I don't read her blog much. She writes a lot and I don't have the time]
Joce [I don't read theirs.]
Frap ["      "]
Omega [Well, he's not actually hunted, so...]
Gabriel [...See above]
Echo Smith [Helped another Runner. Almost died because of it]
Alder Finley[Proxy]
Butterfly [IDK don't read]
Rebecca ["           "]
Alley [Was stuck in a labyrinth thing, although they weren't much of a runner/fighter from what I can tell. So, disproves my theory]
Lilith [Killed by a proxy after tyrying to sign on with a group planning to kill the Slender Man]
V [Knowing her, put up more of a fight than I did. Proxied for quite some time. Now herself again, no reported slender activity since, but she only just got back]
Lucien Drage [New leader of TWO groups against slender man, been fighting proxies. Fiancée kidnapped (Side not: I really hope you find Kelley safe and sound, and soon)]
Darby Shelton [Killed twice, had a female proxy in his head for a while. This is after killing more proxies than he probably has a count of]
Holly Ven [Got out, never was a runner or did too much fighting.]
Chase [I am not totally sure about her, I know she's had some bad slag]
Stormecho [Proxy now, sadly.]
Scott(Cataloger) [Getting pretty much every slender supporting organization thrown at him after running and fighting/working with a government branch against Slender Man]
Anonymous (The Magus) [Lost his little sister and Blinded after  fighting the slender man with magic]
Slice [Lost his brother and girlfriend along with many friends to the Slender Man after making a huge contribution to the community. Taught us playing with fire/drugs against Slender Man can actually be a good thing]
Adrian[I'm not really sure how much of a fighter against Slender himself that he's been]

So, there you go. A list of people who sort of aid my theory. Anyway, it's just my thoughts on things. Better than nothing, right.