Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I really need to give a proper update

I'm not sure if 'I'm alive' qualifies enough. I've been running, Nebbie has reared her ugly head a few times. And Slendy has shown.

I'm getting over my weird typing quirks. Still no voice though, although at this point if I could talk I wouldn't anyway because talking to oneself makes oneself appear insane.

Which, you know, is a very likely possibility.

I'm... I'm okay, all thinks considered. I somehow haven't cracked yet, which is a plus.

No news from Vindicta or Vera. I haven't heard from Adrian since before my blog wipe. And... Well, you all know the rest.

You all know where to find me. If you need me off grid, email: xnoameix@hotmail.com


  1. Simply because you have not heard from me, does not mean I've stopped watching you, Sammie.

  2. Oh, hey Vindicta. Nice to hear you're still around.

    ...I honestly never really thought I'd say that. But, my sister is in there... Somewhere.

  3. I've still been pretty hard at work. Y'know, cracking skulls and whatnot. Rough work, rough work indeed.

    Hope you keep getting better, Sam.

  4. Adrian, I only have one answer for that: 0.o

    I'm trying. It hasn't been fun.

    Fantastic to hear you're okay. Mind keeping the not talking to me period shorter next time? ><

  5. Good to see you're not only alive, but starting to recover.

  6. Thanks, Kay, It's nice to hear from you as well :)

  7. Like I said, I've been busy. Cracking skulls tends to make for wanted men, y'know? Can't be all over everybody's radar after all. What good would that do you?

  8. Yeah, there are around 7,000 questions I could ask involving that, You know?

    Uhm. No one is really doing me any good. Unless we count all this running slag as healthy and therefore for the greater good >> In which case, Nebbie and Slendy are doing FANTASTIC for me >>

  9. It would do you plenty of good, being on the radar. It would make it easier to find you, Adrian.

    Forgetting me already, serunœ? Those two are not the only ones you are running from. There is me to contend with, as well.

  10. Vindicta, you are not allowed to call me that. Not until Vera is back in control of her own body.

    You know I am not smart enough to run from you, Vindicta.

  11. I can call you whatever I wish, serunœ. Come find me if you want to make me do otherwise, serunœ.

    And, serunœ, do I not know it.