Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm alive.

I'm back.

It's a long story. HE was there, and so close, and Ver was asleep and I just thought maybe I could get HIM away from her.

It CLEARLY didn't work. I failed. Sorry Ver.

So, Vindicta's back.

That last post... I wasn't sure I was coming back. Running -at- the faceless suit is generally considered stupid, right?

So... I'm here. Ready and waiting for all verbal abuse while I question why I'm still alive.



  1. Oh my god.... -crying from joy- I missed you...

  2. Normally I would be mad at you giving up, but... well... things haven't been quite so normal these days for me. In short, I can understand why now. It all started here.

    Welcome back, Sammie. I'm glad you're alive.

    Please, please stay that way. *wipes tears*


  3. *sigh* I'm glad to see you're back and okay.

    ~Eternally Anonymous~

  4. Im...Im glad your back, Sam.