Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What the fuck?!

Sammie is gone. She just up and left while I was asleep. I waited around for her that entire day. Now it's been since Saturday I guess? Has anyone heard from her?

Was it something I said? Did I do something wrong?  I just I don't understand why the hell she would do this.

And the door was royally screwed up like a crackhead squirrel attacked it. All sorts of weird stuff. Something that looks like a tree some weird code looking thing a bunch of (X) symbols. It honestly looks like someone is screwing up the sign of the Zodiac Killer. What's with that?

Alright I'm going to add myself as a contributer on here and then I'm going to go out looking for her. Hopefully she hasn't gone far. I'll post this when I get back.

Edit: Holy. Shit.

I just came back from looking for her. I went to go back in and I realized there was dryed blood on the door. How did I not see that before?

I checked her side of the room(It was cheaper to get two beds in one room and what Knightess somehow manage d to get out of her bank account isn't going to last. I have no idea why the account was still working and how no one has traced us yet after accessing it. Someone is screwing up big time.) All of her stuff is still here. She didn't have much to begin with but I mean everything. Even Vera's necklace and I've only seen her take that off before she goes to bed. 

Fuck she didn't just leave did she?

FUCK. I ned help. What do I do? I don't know what I'm doing and Sam's gone and theres blood on my door and there is someone at the door and banging against it andfghjkl;'

Idiots, the both of them. Now that those two are out of my hair.... Knightess is alive, for now. So is that want-to-be. But not for very long. You had best hurry if you want them back, anyone.  


  1. Well, I will bite. You better tell me what you did with her.


  2. I did nothing, yet. She is safe for a short while. But if you want her back that badly, you had best hurry and find me~

  3. Hurry and find you, eh? Perhaps you'd better learn to hide yourself better, Vindicta. You're in my sights.


  4. Then come in and get me, love. Do you think you can shoot me? Behead me? Hurt me in any way? Good luck trying. I know you never could.

  5. Oh, I don't need to come in after you. And I don't intend to behead you. I'm aiming considerably lower than that. And while Adrian probably couldn't... Well, I'm no more Adrian than you are Vera.


  6. You son of a bitch!

    You still missed your mark by several feet, though. Or were you 'aiming' for my leg?

    Act like a man, Adrian. Come in here and fight me face-to-face instead of sniping at me.

  7. I'll act like a man and fight you face-to-face when you act like a human and stop holding innocents hostage. That includes Vera.

    And of course I was aiming for your leg. Can't talk to you if you're dead, y'know? Now, I'm coming to meet you. Don't hobble off anywhere ;)