Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh Gods...



FUCK. I can't get on here and see some good fucking news?!

Slice was one of my original friends on the blogs. He was one of the survivors left. Scott might be dead. Raz is MIA again. Anon is in the hands of two proxies. Stormy is Slender's. Holly is hardly a blogger anymore, but she got out and away from this, so at least she has a happy ending. And you all know the fate of V and Adrian.

Those are the people I remember really being around when I started gaining followers. They were my friends before I started running or anything. Sice was one of the people around to try and talk me out of the mythos. It's going to be strange not having his updates to read anymore.

I guess all I can do now is hope everyone who's still living can make it out alive and sane. And everyone who isn't is able to rest in peace and finds happiness a wherever their spirits went.

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  1. Uh I just read the newest post on Anonymous Here... Tikka has gotten Drake back, but he's been blinded. Apparently it happened exactly like Drake's dreams.

    Also Raz isn't really MIA he's just going under the radar you know. He's been doing that for awhile now.