Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

It's been a lousy year. Friends and Family out of my life, relationships damaged, countless people dead.

Hell, you only need to look through my followers to see that though, right? i don't know why I even post any more. No one comments, no one has anything to say.

Oh well, Live in the Light, right?

...That was terrible. *cough/-shot-/cough*

Anyway, I've been trying to extract my lungs via my esophagus since Friday. Been coughing up some foul smelling black slag. It's been fun. Gabe is a stubborn ass that refuses to be more than three feet away even though he's going to catch my Nyquil-aint-doing-shit death cough.

Gabe feels this incessant need to remind me that he is my boyfriend now, and therefore it is his job to be a pain in my ass about things like this. (Did I ever mention that here before now? 0.o)

Of course, I pretty much tacklehugged him when I woke up and found him waiting with an ice cream cake. I was a very happy Sammie. :3 I love my ice cream cake. It felt oddly normal, but it made me happy, so ^^

Anyway, he wasn't terribly happen to see a certain ghost of my past has returned from the dead *cough*again*/cough*. But, on to happier things.

Like that it's my birthday. Haha, I have lived to celebrate the 16th anniversarry of the day my fantastic self was born!

I'm going to cut the fake ego now. :3

Stay safe everyone.


  1. What's that supposed to mean, "Family out of your life" and "countless people dead"? I'm right here, you dork. Glad to know you love me, though; replacing me with Mr. Will-Solve-All-The-World's-Ills-With-Love-And-Kindness. XD [Hey, Spikey; did you at least miss me? AND I DID NOT GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO DATE SAM!]

    Anyway.... Hey serunoe. I missed a lot, huh?

  2. @V: Gabe is giving me a funny look for the delighted squeal and flailing.

    And you aren't my only follower, V. Not any more. *eye roll, huggles*

    For the last time I'm not replacing you! Unless you somehow thought we were dating. In which case... *uncomfortable shift toward Gabe*

    A lot? Vera I could write a damn book. I'm still glad you're back, sis.

  3. XD Sorry, kiddo.

    And I noticed. You've gotten all popular on me.

    I saw already, dork. And I know you're dating him. Tell him he knows my threat from last year.

    XD I'm sure you could. And I'm glad too, though we both have Adrian to thank for that one. <3

  4. Its fine, V.

    Indeed I have. ;D Sorry, V, you can't expect someone as awesome as me not to make friends.

    ...What threat from last year?

    Oh Gag. Is he better too? Make his lazy aft comment if he's normal, too xD

  5. XD Wow, look who got an ego since I've been away.

    Nothing~ *innocent whistle*

    Alright, alright. I'll see if he's up to it.

  6. Pfft. It's just my Birthday, That'll go soon.

    *eye roll* Spill.

    Good girl

  7. XD Alright.

    No thanks~ See if you can get it out of Gabe, because I ain't spilling.

    .... Hey, how is everyone? Have you heard from any of them?

  8. xD

    Merrrrrrr :c

    Who do you mean by everyone?

  9. I mean my brother and them.

  10. *yawns* Hey, I missed stuff. Lookit that.

    Happy birthday, Sam. Sorry we didn't get a chance to communicate before now. Been... ah... busy. Y'know. Doing stuff

    <- doesn't have a legitimate excuse

  11. You missed stuff? Just a little. xP

    It's fine. I'm glad you two are alive.