Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Ratatosk-What I'm callling Batshit Adrian
Adrian- Term for normal Adrian
Kyou- Current more-calm-but-still-wants-Vindicta-dead-but-would-just-prefer-the-Vera-personality-back Adrian.

I will come up with(read: pick more of his characters') more names if more (psycho) personalities come up.

R.T. --> He's... Interesting, to say the least. I'm looking forward to whatever the PTC comes up with. I pray these guys do NOT fuck this over. I will be PISSED off. On that note, he(I'm calling it a he, yes. Old habits die hard) did have some really bad news...

Notification: Updating list of entities involved in original de-integration. Current list:

The |OC|  
(Slendy-boy, for those of you that don't know)
The Rake
The Dark One 
(I'm going to but a ? to the ones I don't know what they are. Anyone who knows, could you explain?)
The Black-Eyed Ones 
(? --> He is a god of some sort,correct?)
(Assuming "vampire")
(assuming "werewolf")
 Der Erlking
Avis Detrimenti
 Vulpes Victoria
 Oceanum Spolarium
The Jabberwock

I'll  be doing more research on my own when I have time. Time isn't something common place though. I tried to type the first part of this sometime this morning, and was interrupted by Nebula. It's true, blondie is still hanging around. And fragger, what a pain she is.

As for that list... If that doesn't define, "We are SCREWED" I don't know what will. Is there a trope for this?

Urgh. This is bad.

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