Friday, April 22, 2011

I... Apologize for my last post?

I was freaking out. I'm still freaked out. But I'm a little calmer now.

Having Gabe around has been surprisingly nice, despite the fact that we have to constantly keep moving because ol' tall dark and freaky has been showing up more (yay) since Gabe and I got together. Which, I mean, that's kind of meh, at this point. Because I'm not dead and I actually have company. A friend that isn't going to be prone to suddenly snap and grab me by the throat and choke the life out of me or shoot me or stab me or...

You all get the idea, right? Point is, I'm calm right now. It's more relaxed. I'm fairly certain that Gabe is fairly certain that I am certifiably insane. And yeah, he's... A lot nicer than his first impression was in criminology, but of course I'm sure the fact that he and Vera were friends and I talked to him a bit outside of school influenced that and...

URGH. He's just so damn normal. I can't adjust.

Oh well. At least he's not like Adrian or... Whoever/whatever Adrian has become. And he isn't like Ver- Sorry, Vindicta, old habits die hard, you know. He's just Gabe. He's just my friend. He knows who I am and what my full name is and he grieved with a (surprising) amount of people over my death/kidnapping/random as fuck disappearance I shouldn't have been able to pull off.

I don't know. I'm tired. I don't sleep worth a crap anymore. I don't think Gabe has noticed, seeing as he sleeps like a motherfucking rock. It's ridiculous. I've had to resort to pouring cold water on the kid to waking him up. And that usually only works with me nearly yelling and getting ready to jump up and down on his damn ribcage. I swear, I don't know how this kid does it.

...I'm younger than him and I'm calling him kid. How does that work? :/

Moving on.

Uh, well, I've been trying to be semi useful in comments again, when I have the time. The nightmares are back and increasingly worse, I'm just not sharing anymore. Yes, Gabe, that includes you in the I am not sharing. Can't be giving special treatment now.

I noticed a lot of the little groups of friends who support each other are becoming scarce again. Kind of sad. I guess it's because so many have been lost or were killed. I just realized there are a bunch of people I used to follow that I have no clue what there fates are. It's depressing. Oh well, I'm glad I have most of my little group still together. Well, alive would be the better term. Since only God and Slenderslag know where Slice is. And -hopefully- Scott gets through round one of his little game okay(Fraggit Specter! GREAT going on that one!). And Lucien is okay, I think, although I'm not sure if he's posted recently or not. And Kay was the lucky winner of a mysterious prize.

Gabe is shooting me funny looks. I probably have some explaining to do when we get going again.

...Speaking of getting going again, I probably shouldn't have wasted so much time on a "Hey, I'm alive!" but I did... Oh well. Maybe I'll start coming up with something moderately useful again. Remember when I used to try that?


  1. I remember. You were a great source of information.

    I just hope you can stay alive and sane. *internet hug* Be careful Sammie.

    I wOuLd CrY iF sOmEtHiNg WeRe To HaPpEn To YoU...

    We would both cry...

    Raz P. / D[oomed]

  2. @Raz: Awww, I wasn't that good ^^

    Alive and Sane? I'm doing my best on both counts. *internet hugs back*

    Nothing has happened to me yet, and I'm trying to keep it that way. You two stay safe as well, alright?

  3. We'll do our best, I think Tikka's amulet will help with at least staying hidden. We'll try to post from time to time now. Letting everyone know how we're doing. =3

    Raz P.

  4. I hope it does. But I'm glad we're going to get to hear from you more again =3

  5. I see I have been replaced by a boy you barely know; one that was always my friend. It seems he has turned on me as everyone else has...

  6. @Vindicta: You haven't been replaced. He's just a traveling companion. Can you make up you mind on whether you want to put a bullet through my head or you want to be my sister again?

    And I'm sorry he, instead of acting smart, decided to NOT LISTEN TO ME. NOT UNLIKE A CERTAIN OTHER SOMEONE I KNOW. >>

  7. I want... I want...... Slaggit! I don't know!

    And I know I was stupid. No kidding. When am I not? But I don't mean it-- Maybe I do... No, no I don't. But-- GYAH! Everything a mess in my head, and I don't know what I'm thinking and what she's thinking and what he just wants me to think I'm thinking or whether I'm just being a fragging glitch! Right, right. Focus. Breathe. Okay. I think I'm good now. Kinda. Maybe. ... Sorta?

    I want a bullet through your head, Knightess. And I will have it. You, Adrian, and your little "traveling companion" that replaced me. Then again... I know you will deny that. If anything, you will say that he replaced Vera, as if we are not one and the same. You had best stop running and give in, the both of you, before you drag someone else into this madness.

  8. @Vera: You are not always stupid, be nice to yourself. I'm sorry, you'll get it together, I'm sure you will.

    @Vindicta: You're in the same body, sure, but you're polar opposite personalities. Gabe isn't replacing -either- of you. The way I love you is very different from the way I lo- li- -care- for him.

    If I stay here and somehow convince Gabe to leave, will you just kill me and leave him and Adrian alone? I mean, I'm willing to do something mildly useful with my life before I die in that case =D

    I'm not going to drag anyone else in(I think/hope/pray).

  9. Shut up. Be silent. I will see you die. You, Gabriel, and Adrian. No substitutions.

  10. Anytime you think you can track me down, Vindicta, you're ready to try. I've kept silent until now. But that was only to take the time to prepare myself.

    What, you honestly think I was going to rush into this willy-nilly? No, I took my time. I did my homework. I prepared for you. No matter where you find me, we'll be in my territory. Because I know plenty about you now. And you know nothing about me.

  11. Try it, lover-boy. I am sure you will not be a challenge for me. I already have your location narrowed down. Or did you forget that I know how to hack these silly blogs? That is how I found Lilith, after all. But no. I am not that stupid. You can take the fight to me, if you want my head on a plate so badly.

    I expected you to. After all, it only fits with what I have come to expect from you, Adrian. But there is only but so much one can learn from where you are. Come closer. Maybe you will see how much you do not know.

  12. Vindicta. Poor, pitiful Vindicta. Don't you see? I'm not doing this because I wanted to. It's because I have to. You forced my hand in this. By hunting Sam, by torturing the host to such extremes, you set in motion the chain of events that must eventually lead to your downfall. I take no pleasure in this, I do it because I must. Because it is the way of things. I do hope you'll forgive me in the end.

    Tick tock, Vindicta.

  13. You communicate too much in talk and not enough in actions, Adrian. Not only that, but I also seem to remember you relishing the thought of killing me. Now you say that you take no pleasure in this. How contradictory. At least everyone knows where I stand.

    Forever and always....

  14. @Adrian: If you kill her, I swear, I will carry out every threat I made -before- this started. I will make you feel worse than your kitten did after he was fixed.

    @Vindicta: Oh, hush you. I know you could never do it. The minute you saw him, we'd need a sponge to scoop up the girly, in-love mess you'd become.

    @Both: Seriously, you two fight like a married couple already!

  15. @Vindicta: Not necessarily indecisive. You see, when you broke my host, you set free a number of personas, one of which was truly bloodthirsty enough to relish that unsavory thought. I, on the other hand, prefer not to shed blood if it can be helped (take note of this, Sam.)

    This particular persona, who I am now, has managed to gain control of the others. That said, I have their combined resources at my disposal.

    Normally, we could circle each other, growling, sleep with one eye open. Feint, parry, and otherwise try to break one another's guard until Judgment Day, but that thought wearies me. On the other hand, you can surrender, now, and relinquish the body of the girl you've taken. I will allow you to leave unharmed. But make a move on this body, or on Sam and her new friend, and I will retaliate accordingly. Make no mistake.

  16. I believe I would like to see how you fight. I am perfectly fine with waiting it out and keeping on my guard. Have fun attempting to stop me Adrian, dear. It is about time I had a true challenge. Things have been much too easy for me so far; so much that I was wondering how the Master had not won and wiped all of you nuisances out yet. ...Then again, it may be that I misunderstand the Master's grand designs....

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  18. 1234




    Four beats. The four beats of the drum. The never-ending drum beat. Always in my head. Always sounding, always pounding. The drums of war...


    Can't you hear it? Pounding, pounding, never stopping!


    ...Blood... It's all over my hands... I didn't want to spill it, but now I'm drowning in it... the horrible smell, it'll never come off...


    Oh dear. I apologize for that. For both of those outbursts. They've become rather excited of late. It may have something to do with the rash of mysterious deaths that has occurred recently.

    In any event, Vindicta, I have no intention of fighting you, again, unless you force my hand. Only the truly foolish have ever done that.

    Are you that foolish?

  19. I am. You will follow my directives one way or another. Come find me before I am forced to do something "foolish".