Saturday, April 23, 2011

Should I feel bad?

Probably. It's my fault they're involved, after all. Had I just not told them anything, and let myself suffer alone, they wouldn't be like this.

"Yeah, Gabe. Slender is a drug. It's a new name for LSD. I've gone on some fucking AWESOME trips. It's amaaaazzzzziiiinnnnnngggggg. Adrian didn't get me into it. Actually, he'll probably start bitchin when he reads this. So will V, too. xD" Had I told him that, he wouldn't be here. I'd be on my own and he'd be safely at home with his three brothers and his parents. Fuck it, why didn't I say that?

Now he's going to die because of me, more then likely...

And Adrian only got caught in because I had to tell him once Ver lost it. And I got her involved. And I couldn't keep her with me.

I tried and they wouldn't listen and now here we are. We're all going to die because I'm a dumbass and dragged them into this.

I'm such a rotten friend.

Vera, Adrian, Gabe... I'm sorry, I'm really sorry...

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